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Any use of the symbols created in this project should first be checked through contact with this email: odensibiri@gmail.com.

22 October 2019

First Book in Nsibidi

Children’s book started years ago to promote nsibidi, finally finished. Animal discovery in the wild in Igbo. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZG67B5S

17 September 2017

19 January 2014

Igbo names in Nisbiri

Just a small update, but here are some popular Igbo names in nsibiri.

1 September 2012

1/2 September

These are some of the characters I'm trying to digitize at the moment. After these and the others left, I'll leave the number of characters of the project at where it is. If there are any additions to be made in the future, then that is for the future. The amount of characters is already sufficient I believe since many of the most common words have been covered (although a few may have fallen through, or may have intentionally been left out because they were easily understandable without nsibiri demystification).

26 November 2011

5 November 2011