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Any use of the symbols created in this project should first be checked through contact with this email: odensibiri@gmail.com.

6 July 2020

Video: Nsibidi for Igbo: Introduction


  1. Hello I am interested in creating a groupchat on whatsapp with leaders of African language scripts my name is Mwangi Payton. I am currently working on the Lakeside script with Kefa Ombewa

  2. I'm really happy that I found this project, it'll be amazing to have a native script restored. Sorry to ask but do you plan on creating new symbols or expanding the radical system? Do you also have a record of all symbols made, to learn to write it.I wish you the best of luck in finishing the project 😊

  3. Hello. Can you let me know what the symbol for the word “pray” is?

  4. I love your work, but ik finding it hard to find anything more about your work, ive heard from people in an igbo server that you used to have Instagram but its completely empty