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Any use of the symbols created in this project should first be checked through contact with this email: odensibiri@gmail.com.

22 October 2019

First Book in Nsibidi

Children’s book started years ago to promote nsibidi, finally finished. Animal discovery in the wild in Igbo. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZG67B5S


  1. You have to more vigorously get the word out about Nsibidi. I'm interested n conversations about how to popularize the form and drive its general adoption as a writing system. There are great possibilities for it. I find the present Roman script unsuitable for Igbo.

    Certainly, I wish to be part of such discussions. By the way, I am a poet – I write in English, unfortunately. Thanks— Onah Ejiofor.

  2. having difficulty purchasing this book. kindly help

  3. Bought the book and am enjoying it, keep it up my brother. I remember seeing someone working on this year's ago (2012 or 13) I don't know if you are the same person but keep it up and persevere. It seems more and more people are getting exposed to the writing system and wanting to learn it.

    In this digital age a keyboard would help push it further than anything, have people writing in the script whenever they want to write in Igbo online would push others to learn what is being said, if that can be accomplish then possibly work on getting our Igbo media (Igbo musicians and Movies in Igbo) to start using the script for their movies, even if is just in small print to start.

    Ultimate goal should be for our eastern state governors (if they are even interested or competent enough) to see the value in it and begin training teachers in the script, that is the only way that a widespread adoption would happen.

    1. Thanks. This project started in 2010.

    2. Please, I and my team are working on Igbo/African comics and we would really love to use the script. I would like to know how we could be in communication with you.

    3. Pls could you email me at chukwuemekangumoha@gmail.com

  4. Hi, I would like to talk with you about Nsibidi Dictionary and using some of the images in it for commercial purposes. Can you please e-mail me at zlpalmer@yahoo.com?

  5. I am excited that so much work is being undertaken by Igbos to recover our lost heritage. All these works should be adapted to the Igbo nations educational curricula.thanks