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Akagu Font Face | Updated Dictionary

This is the updated akagu font face which is piggy-backing off of basic Latin and Chinese characters, with some Latin diacritics. For acute diacritic m (please find the following inputs for your system for these workaround diacritics) it's ḿ, grave is ṃ, ń ǹ, á et al vowels, à et al vowels, ḧ for nasalised h, nasal vowels are ä and ą et al, the long akagụ works with non-diacritics, but with diacritic the first diacritic has to come first then a plain letter of the same type, e.g. áa àa öo, etc. The dictionary has these fonts.

The ligatures should work, these are broken if the spacing or kerning is set too wide.

The dictionary is updated on Scribd, it's pretty straight forward and there have been updates, revisions, reformations, most notably around 1100 characters have been added. This dictionary is still to be looked at as a rough draft, this is just to help people who may want a little more insight. You can copy the words in the dictionary into the font on your system, that's how you write the nsibiri characters for now.

Ikpokwu by on Scribd

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