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Nsibidi learning

If you speak Igbo this might help in learning nsibidi, you will have to know the akagu alphabet posted here.

If this helps, say so, if it isn't helping anybody or if there is no response there will not be many more posted, or frequently anyway. If it's helpful there will be more posted with different mixes of nsibidi.

What you should do with this is to try and read the main text in black without referring to the vocabulary list in the second half of the page, then you can use the élú writing in green to help read out the characters, and after this you can look at the vocabulary list if needed. Please note that the characters in green are only used to aid reading, they are written only once on an individual character as they are introduced. If you want to take it a step further, write out the large text in black along with the title as many times you need.


  1. Thanks, this was helpful! I'm an African American and am trying to learn Igbo.

  2. Would it be possible to apply this to other African languages like Akan Twi, Yoruba, or even Wolof?

    1. Nope. Only with Igbo, Efik, Ibibio.



This blog is about African writing, the nsibidi script. This website include many nsibidi symbols meaning a lot of different things. All images do not hold a copyright unless indicated so. You can copy, distribute, and sell any information/images you find on this website. Public Domain.